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The renowned Slovene health spa - the Olimia Thermal Spa lies in the upper Sotla River valley, among hills full of vineyards, close to the Community of Podčetrtek.

The natural warm springs were undoubtedly known to the Celts and Romans, given the numerous archaeological finds from those periods in the surrounding area and the immediate vicinity of the spa. Since then people—mainly the local population at first—have enjoyed the pleasantly warm water, probably unaware of its chemical composition. It was enough to know that it banished fatigue, eased pain, and healed wounds. The Olimia Thermal Spa developed as a source of health in the middle of this naturally beautiful and interesting landscape.

Discover joy and well-being at the Olimia Thermal Spa at the prestigious Wellness Hotel Sotelia with modern congress centre, Hotel Breza, Aparthotel Rosa, Lipa Village, the Health and Beauty Centre, the Termalija swimming pools, and the Aqualuna Thermal Park.
The wide variety of fun also includes tennis, golf, bicycling, hiking, volleyball, basketball, badminton, kayaking and canoeing.

TERME OLIMIA - Podčetrtek

Terme Olimia. Acque termali di cura. Programmi di cura, benessere ed altri di relax. Avvenimenti dell,acqua per tutte le generazioni. Complesso Aqualuna. Ricreazione e gite nei dintorni naturali - parco naturale. Golf e convegni d,affari negli spazzi moderni.

vacanze per la famiglia, vacanze attive, convegni d,affari, seminari

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SALUTE & BENESSERE in Podčetrtek

  SALUTE & BENESSERE offer in Podčetrtek

Opportunita avvenimenti in Podčetrtek

  Opportunita avvenimenti in Podčetrtek
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Alberghi, appartamenti, centri benessere Termalia e Orchidelia, Centro medicinale e bellezze Olimia, Parco- riviera Termale Acqua Luna, Campeggio, Ristoranti, Centro Congressi Olimia


HOTEL SOTELIA**** CAMERE |leggenda| Arredamenti delle camere |leggenda|
1/2B, ApB, SuB TV, Tel, MB, S, AC, I,
HOTEL BREZA**** CAMERE |leggenda| Arredamenti delle camere |leggenda|
1/2, 1/2B, Ap TV, Tel, MB, S, AC,
APARTHOTEL ROSA**** CAMERE |leggenda| Arredamenti delle camere |leggenda|
Ap (2+1), Ap (2+2), Ap (3+2), Ap (4+1) TV, Tel, MK

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diversi tipi
diversi tipi
134 €
110 €
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Price list 2009. Prices are valid for accommodation with half board per person per day. Prices are informative.
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99 €
85 €
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Price list 2009. Prices are valid for accommodation with half board per person per day. Prices are informative.
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127 - 198 €
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Price list 2009. Prices are valid for rental of an apartment per day. Prices are informative.
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Alimenti e bevande    
Offerta complementare    
Benessere e salute   Wellness centre Termalija – pools, saunas, Spa&beauty centre, solarium, fitness centre
The centre with pools with more than 2000 m2 water area and a complete world of authentic colourful saunas is topmost attraction of Terme Olimia. Resting places with hanging chairs, whirlpools, waterfalls and baths, red, purple, blue, green and orange sauna with different temperatures, salt sauna, sauna in a log cabin outside, Japanese steam bath, tepidarium, laconium, first oriental hamam in Slovenia, Centre for relaxation, pampering and taking care of your body, fitness, solarium, child's nook, nude beach, restaurant and many other attractive nooks are assurance for unforgettable adventures of relaxation.

Spa Armonia wellness centre(Hotel Sotelia)
A modern wellness centre. Exotic methods of unique pampering and care, fascinating scents, pleasant light and careful hands of therapists will become your fellows during your stay in Wellness hotel Sotelia.
Harmonious programmes are directed into harmony of health, beauty and well-being. They combine relaxation and medicinal techniques from all over the world, as well as rich knowledge of Terme Olimia’s professionals with many years’ experience.
Services and programmes: massages, massages from distant countries, Ayurveda massages, facial care, body care, anti-cellulite treatment and body shape, pedicure, manicure, programmes for pregnant women, organic corner, pampering for two
Other: depilation, thermal water inhalation, eyebrows formation and colouring, eyelashes colouring, Solarium

Health centre Olimia(Hotel Breza)
Curative programmes for patients suffering from: rheumatic diseases, circulatory system problems, injuries and operations to bones and muscles; peripheral nervous system deficiencies, skin diseases.
-Therapies: physiotherapy, hydrotherapy, electrotherapy, mechanotherapy, thermotherapy, magnetotherapy
-Programmes: programme for easing lower back pain, programme for rehabilitation following sport injuries, treatment of rheumatic illnesses and skin diseases

Various other therapeutic programmes – also alternative medicine
Ricreazione e sport   Wellness centre Termalija
Pools, saunas, Spa&beauty centre, solarium, fitness centre

Thermal park Aqualuna
Thermal park Aqualuna is a summer water complex with 3000 m² water surfaces and water temperature between 24° C - 32° C. Water roller coasters - aquagans, various water tracks for speedy, adrenaline water joys. The largest water amusement park for children has a fairytale castle, an Aqua jungle and an on-going entertainment programme.

Sports park Gaj
- playgrounds and courts for tennis, Futsal, basketball, volleyball, badminton, bowling; organization of numerous sports events;
- bicycle rental – organization of guided bike tours
- special programmes for business clients – sport games, organization of parties

Golf -A Golf Olimje
Golf course with 9 holes – 2 km from Terme Olimia
Programmi   Programmes for wellbeing and health.

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